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In the context of the ongoing internationalization and concentration within the IAM, European compliance with environmental legislation, which entails individual rules in each country of the European Union, plays a major role for PARTSLIFE. In this context, PARTSLIFE’s activity to establish a joint venture for market development in Europe together with partners of the IAM should also be understood. For this purpose, PARTSLIFE founded the future holding company PARTSLIFE International Kft. near Budapest at the end of 2019, initially with 100% shares in Hungary. After PARTSLIFE International (PLI) and AUTONET established the first subsidiaries in Romania and a subsidiary in Poland together with INTERCARS, the further objective for 2020 is to finalize the joint venture after a successful antitrust review. PARTSLIFE offers services with an initial focus on Eastern Europe.

Expansion Development:

2019 – Establishment of PARTSLIFE International Kft. Dunakeszi (Holding)

2019 – Establishment of PARTSLIFE Packaging Disposal Service Romania S.A. (Satu Mare, Rumänien) – Shareholders: AUTONET, PARTSLIFE (Neu-Isenburg)

2020 – Establishment of PARTSLIFE International Romania S.R.L. (Satu Mare, Romania) – Shareholders: AUTONET, PARTSLIFE (Neu-Isenburg)

2020 – Establishment of PARTSLIFE International Polska Sp. z o.o. (Warsaw, Poland) – Shareholder: INTERCARS, PARTSLIFE (Neu-Isenburg)

After the successful Antitrust Procedure:

31.12.2020 – Establishment of PARTSLIFE S.A. (Poland)

31.12.2021 – Establishment of PARTSLIFE S.A. (Hungary)

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